Simple Web 2.0 Button Using AS Button Generator

I sometimes find it difficult creating glossy buttons for my website menus. Luckily, I’ve stumbled on “AS Button Generator“.

The site has a Flex-based button generator that gives you various options for designing your buttons.

I like that it has 5 different gradation type and stripes setting for the generator. You can control the roundness of the corners and thickness of borders. The generator also has filter options like bevel and drop-down shadow. You could also upload your own images and set them as your button’s background image.

Although, the textboxes for the width and height is sometimes annoying, I think you’ll get use to them. In my case I prefer entering the exact size for my width and height instead of using the scrollers.

After tweaking the generator for your own button design, you could click “Save” and save the button in either jpg, gif or png format.

Enjoy 😀

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  • Glossy buttons are beautiful. Some people says that it isn’t really important to focus on your web designs. That you should be more on your content. But first impression starts with the designs though.