Merry Christmas

Happy holidays fellow programmers ;)

Add Caption and Description Columns to Media Page

This is a short script on how to add new columns to the media page.

WordPress: Add Post ID Column to Admin Listing Table

A tutorial on how to add new column in the posts table in the admin view

Update: Modified Site Theme and Contents

I finally got the chance to work on the site.
under: Updates

HTML5 setPlaceholder jQuery Plugin

jQuery setPlaceholder plugin: An alternative for the HTML5 placeholder attribute

WordPress: How Remove Subcriber’s Permission to View WP Profile

profile page
How to remove user's ability to view their wordpress account page

WordPress 3 Template Tags Cheat Sheet

Quick list of wordpress template tags grouped according to functionalities

Happy Labor Day in CSS3 Animation

A basic CSS3 animated labor day greetings

WordPress Theme Anatomy Model

A visual anatomy of the wp theme files
under: Wordpress

HTML5 and CSS3 Cheat Sheets

Downloadable cheat sheets for HTML5 and CSS3